Thursday, December 2, 2010


I have always loved the activity of creating alphabet friezes, books, lists or even poetry.
Their creation is a great example of integrating work in English with work in Visual Arts.
A great idea is to get a senior class to collaborate in creating an alphabet frieze for display in the infant classroom.
Any topic can be chosen - you simply have to find a word for each letter of the alphabet.
The illustration of each object can make use of a number of different art techniques - drawing, painting, printing, collage, montage, mosaic or even fabric applique.
Commercial artists have also produced alphabet books - an opportunity to look at and respond to the work of some very interesting books e.g. "The Lowry Lexicon " or "An Imaginary Menagerie" by Roger McGough.

Animals are often a great first topic to look at - here is a possible list to begin with

A   aardvark
B   bushbaby
C   conger eel
D   dormouse
E   elephant
F   flamingo
G   grasshopper
H   hippo
I    iguana
J    jaguar
K   king cobra
L   llama
M  moose
N   nit
O   ostrich
P   porcupine
Q   quail
R   rattlesnake
S   slug
T  terrapin
U  unicorn
V  vole
W   walrus
X   x-ray fish
Y  yak
Z  zebra 

We have just started on a Christmas lexicon - can you complete one?

A   antlers
B   blitzen the reindeer
C   candles ...........

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