Tuesday, September 16, 2014


A is for – ALIEN, arriving by air

B is for – BASILISK, with the deadliest stare

C is for – CYCLOPS , he’s only one eye

D is for - DRAGON, he’ll light up the sky

E is for – EXTRATERRESTRIAL creatures

F is for - FRANKENSTEIN of the frightening features

G is for – GRIFFIN, a lion with a beak

H is for – HYDRA, the many headed freak

I is for – INVISIBLE SPIRITS of the night

J is for – JACK-O-LANTERN, that bright little sprite

K is for – KELPIE, with the great shining teeth

L is for – LOCH NESS, and the monster beneath

M is for – MERMAID, who appears from the deep

N is for – NIGHTMARE, that troubles our sleep

O is for – OPERA PHANTOM, who sings

P is for – PHOENIX, with fiery wings

Q is for – QUASIMODO, who swings from his bell

R is for – ROC, the great bird from hell

S is for – SANDMAN, he’ll steal every dream

T is for – TROLL,’neath the bridge by the stream

U is for – UNICORN, with her long horn of gold

V is for – VAMPIRE, in his tomb dark and cold

W is for – WEREWOLF, who howls ‘neath the sky

X is for – XANTHUS, the horse who can fly

Y is for – YETI, that abominable beast
Z is for – ZOMBIE, the last but not least.

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