Tuesday, September 16, 2014

QUESTION TIME by Michaela Morgan

What does a monster look like?

Well ....hairy and scary,

And furry and burly and pimply and dimply and warty and naughty and wrinkled and crinkled....

That’s what a monster looks like.

How does a monster move?

It oozes, it shambles,

It crawls and it ambles, it slouches and shuffles and trudges, it lumbers and toddles, it creeps and it waddles.....

That’s how a monster moves.

Where does a monster live?

In garden sheds, under beds......

In wardrobes, in plugholes, and ditches, beneath city streets, just under your feet......

That’s where a monster lives.

How does a monster eat?

It slurps and it burps,

And gobbles and gulps, and sips and swallows and scoffs, it nibbles and munches

That’s how a monster eats.

What does a monster eat?

Slugs and bats,

And bugs and rats, and stones and mud and bones and blood and squelchy squids.....and nosy kids


That’s what a monster eats.

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