Wednesday, September 17, 2014

THE BUG CHANT by Tony Mitton


Red bugs, bed bugs, find them on your head bugs.

Green bugs, mean bugs, lanky, long and lean bugs.

Pink bugs, sink bugs, swimming in your drink bugs.

Yellow bugs, mellow bugs, lazy little fellow bugs.

White bugs, night bugs, buzzing round the light bugs.

Black bugs, slack bugs, climbing up your back bugs.

Blue bugs, goo bugs, find them in your shoe bugs.

Thin bugs, fat bugs, hiding in your hat bugs.

Big bugs, small bugs, crawling on your wall bugs.

Smooth bugs, hairy bugs, flying like a fairy bugs.

Garden bugs, house bugs, lumpy little louse bugs.

Fierce bugs, tame bugs, some without a name bugs.

Far bugs, near bugs, “What’s this over here?” bugs.

Whine bugs, drone bugs, write some of your own bugs.



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