Wednesday, September 17, 2014

BUILDING A DRAGON by Charles Thompson


Once I built a dragon, three times the size of you,

I made him out of cardboard and chicken wire and glue.

It took me weeks and weeks and weeks until I got him right.

I hid him in the loft by day and worked on him at night.

The cardboard came from boxes I asked the grocer for.

I borrowed tins of paint from Mr Brown next door.

It took me weeks and weeks and weeks (well, four at least – no five!)

And then I got a nasty shock, the dragon came alive.

It burst out through the roof – so I could see the stars,

Went crashing down the road and damaged several cars.

I’ve looked for him for weeks and weeks. Where did my dragon go?

If anyone has seen him, will they kindly let me know?

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