Wednesday, September 17, 2014

THE PLANET OF MARS by Shel Silverstein


On the planet of Mars

They have clothes just like ours

And they have the same shoes and same laces,

And they have the same charms and same graces,

And they have the same heads and same faces....

But not in the

Very same


When bedtime comes, I’ve heard it said,

Some children check beneath the bed.

They lose their sleep, they lose their hair,

In fear of monsters lying there.

But monsters I have always found

Are lots of fun to have around.

In fact there’s one under my bed

He’s very friendly, his name is Ted.

And Daniel, the dragon, has made his lair

In my toy box, over there.

In my top drawer, among the socks

Lives an eight-eyed squengie, whose name is Jock.

In the wardrobe, where it’s very dim

Lives Colin, but he’s never in.

Outside in our garden shed

Lives a monster I call Spongy Fred.

This monster’s name is Norma Hubbard

She hides inside the airing cupboard.

Jim, with a face like an alligator

Snuggles beside the radiator.

This in Nicola, covered in hair

She lurks in the shadows beneath the stair.

Lastly there’s Roger, I like him a lot

He lives inside our old tea pot.

So monsters, whether big or small

Needn’t frighten us at all.

Just remember to be polite

And don’t forget to say goodnight.

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