Thursday, November 18, 2010


I have always been very fond of this little poem by Jan Dean.
Its very simplicity makes it a wonderful stimulus for creating art about
the various scenes from the nativity.


Mary's Son
Just begun       the journey to Bethlehem

Straw bed
Tiny head        the manger scene

Shepherds keep
Sleepy sheep          the hillside scene

Dark night
Angel light         the angels announce the birth

Sent them
To Berthlehem

One star
Travelled far         the Christmas star

Three kings
Brought things      the Magi

The light of heaven's starry skies
Shines in this small baby's eyes

Divide your class into six groups.
Allocate scenes as outlined above. Work with a particular strand of the
visual arts curriculum to
- create six detailed group drawings
- create six group paintings
- create six prints made with found objects
- create six clay scenes
- create six models or dioramas or
- create six fabric collages.

Alternatively ask each group to work with one strand of the visual arts
to create a variety of art pieces for a Christmas art exhibition.

Use the poem sections as captions for the pieces of art.

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