Monday, November 22, 2010

SHAKE N BAKE Story Ingredients

Make small cards in five different colours.
Each colour is for one of five categories noted below.
Write words for each category, a single word on each card.
Each child selects five different colour cards and tries to use the five words collected
in an interesting/unusual sentence.

Could a sentence be the starting point for a story, or even a piece of surrealist art?

The happy sailor was jumping about the desert searching for a computer!
The ghost was overwhelmed by the solids walking around the lighthouse with scissors!
The waiter was quite cheerful as he played the bagpipes underwater while swimming!

 artist   sailor   dentist    magician   ghost   scuba diver    lawyer   monster   plumber   astronaut   actor  doctor   hypnotist   teacher   farmer   elf   matador   jockey    baby    dancer   chef   opera singer   pilot   detective    clown    king   prisoner    queen   barber   fishmonger    grocer   author    cowboy   etc etc

desert   zoo   dog show   bank    spaceship   lighthouse   shower   igloo   airport   ship   plane   bus   train   movies   theatre   haunted house   supermarket   truck   office   kennel   ocean    mine   cage   escalator   flagpole    subway    moon    mars   golf course    church    castle   museum   gallery   school   etc etc

telescope   rubbish bin   statue   camera   toys   statue    newspaper   bagpipes   snow   ice cubes   glasses   drum   fish fingers   balloon   stilts   mask   totem pole   hammock   horse shoe   computer   TV   armour   fiddle   tombstone   scissors   fireplace   binoculars   telephone   piano   trumpet   oven   orange   etc etc

jumping   falling   playing   flying   walking   sliding   painting   digging   crawling   eating   camping   flying   diving   searching   reading   inventing   calling   begging   swimming   dancing   hunting   moving   hiding   hopping   driving   fishing   climbing   running   watching   jogging    sewing   painting   etc etc

ashamed   afraid   jolly   delighted   quiet   disappointed   delirious    weepy   ecstatic   embarrassed   proud   disgusted   cheerful   irritated   distressed   dejected   tired   contented   blissful   mean   angry   curious   sad   coy   surprised   happy   jealous   arrogant   terrified   indifferent   overwhelmed   amused   etc etc

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  1. Great idea Michael, I'm going to use it today for my art class. We're designing fantasy puppets for a puppet show. These will be a great way to develop the story and backgrounds. I'll let you know how it goes.