Sunday, November 21, 2010


Use this little poem as a stimulus for mixing colour to create tones
or indeed for creating other types of art for Christmas.

The Colour of Christmas by Gervase Phinn
Red for Santa's scarlet hood
Red for the berries in the wood
Red for the robin's crimson breast
Red is the colour I love best
Red for the wrapping paper bright
Red for flames in the firelight
Red for the stocking at the foot of my bed
The colour of christmas is surely red.

Begin by reading the poem.
Brainstorm all the red things we see at Christmas.
Ask the children to bring in objects for a red display.
Use a dictionary to find other words for red e.g. vermillion
Put these words on a vocabulary chart.
Find similar poems about the colour red - or indeed
write your own simple poems.
Collect lots of cards and papers that show red.

Take out all the red drawing tools from various boxes and
containers and make a Christmas drawing using only these.

Make a red collage/montage by cutting and sticking
torn/cut papers and images together.

Cut strips of red papers to make a Christmas paper weaving or
collect red fibres to create woven table mats for the Christmas table.

Mix red paint with white to create lighter tones of red.
Mix it with black to create darker tones.
Use the various tones you have created to make a painting.
Use your red tones to add colour to clay pieces (see image above).

Do the same thing red, white and black printing inks and use your new colours
to make prints with found objects - alternatively use them with
any other printing technique

Construct a variety of red decorations using paper construction
or origami techniques.

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