Tuesday, November 30, 2010


I first came across the author Keri Smith's work when I bought a copy of her "Guerilla Art Kit" in the Whitney Museum in New York a few years ago. Last weekend I came across two more of her books that I have been trying to find for a few years - in Urban Outfitters in Dundrum, of all places (incidentally they stock a wonderful selection of creative books). These are called "Wreck This Journal" and "Mess - The Manual of Accidents and Mistakes". If any of you want to go mad, make mistakes, scribble, experiment and generally be creative, these books are for you. Many, many ideas that can be adapted for being creative in the classroom with the visual arts!

The Guerilla Art Kit    ISBN - 13: 978-1-56898-688-3
Wreck This Journal    ISBN  978-1-846-14445-5
Mess   ISBN 978-1-846-14447-9

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