Sunday, November 14, 2010

Visual Arts: Books for Teachers

If you want to buy reference books for teachers, these are
full of great ideas for process art.

"Creative and Mental Growth" by Lowenfeld and Brittain.
The Bible of visual arts education - in which the stages of development in children's art was first outlined.

The 2 "Art Books for Children" published by Phaidon.
Wonderful ideas that originate in the work of famous artists.

Encourage children to work in impressionism, surrealism, abstraction and as pop artists.
Children are inspired to work like Warhol, Picasso, Dali and Magritte, to name just a few.

The ultimate series of art books for the classroom library.
The 2 series are "Adventures in Art" and "Adventures in Architecture".
Published by Prestel Publications.

The ultimate reference book on looking at and responding to art.
Published by the Tate Gallery, London.

The wonderful "Start with Art" by Sue Fitzsimons, a great guide to a variety of techniques for the exploration of colour and tone.
The "Step by Step" series of guides is an excellent way to become familiar with a variety of techniques, from many of the. curriculum strands,
Step by step images illustrate techniques such as stencilling, block printing, collage, coil pottery, papier mache, etc etc.

Be on the lookout for the increasing number of children's books about artists and artists' lives.

And don't forget to take a look at various games that involve visual art!

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