Sunday, November 7, 2010


'Modroc' is the technical term for plaster-of-paris bandaging when it
is used as a visual arts material. It's a very versatile material and can
be used to replace the more traditional technique of strip papier mache.
Three or four layers of bandaging dries much more quickly than papier
mache and results in a much sturdier product
These pots were created using modroc.

Coat paper/plastic cups with vaseline.
Cut the modroc into small manageable strips.
Dip the strips into water and begin to cover your pot.
Work in different directions and layer the strips as you work.
Allow to dry - only takes a day or two.
Remove the inner form.
Decorate your pot with ordinary poster paints, inside and out.
When the paint is dry add a coat of PVA glue to seal

You might use the work of particular artists to inspire the painted design.
Modern artists such a Klee, Gris, Picasso, Matisse, etc can provide inspiration for striking designs.

Use these pots to
- plant small plants in for Mothers' Day
- create Easter gifts by filling with tiny Easter eggs
- hang upside down as Christmas tree decorations etc

Any form can be covered with modroc in a similar way.
- cover blank masks to create fantastic masks for Halloween
- cover vases, bottles and other containers to create larger forms
- cover plastic catering plates to do a project on ceramic design

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