Sunday, November 14, 2010

Visual Arts and Gaelige

The emphasis in the Gaeilge curriculum is on encouraging conversation and on the development of oral language skills so why not use the visual arts to do this through the use of posters designed and created by the children themselves.

Take the topics/themes outlined in the Gaeilge curriculum, write these on small cards, put them into a small container. Divide your class into groups and ask each group to select a card. Each group must do a collaborative/cooperative drawing/painting about the subject - get them to try and converse in Gaeilge as they are working and to include a lot of detail (they might need to work on this over a number of days).

When the posters are complete each group must display their poster in turn. Ask questions as Gaeilge of each group about the content of their poster
- ceard e seo
- an bhfuil phictiur
- inis dom.....
- ce he seo   etc etc

Each group must then collaborate to create an oral presentation, as Gaeilge, about their poster and deliver it to the class. They must then write out this presentation for display beside their poster. These can then be read by children from other groups.

Take digital photos of the posters, write the commentaries using a word programme on the computer and assemble all together into a book - make your own reading programme!

There you have it - oral language, writing and reading, all based on the children's own language! No need to buy a commercial Gaeilge programme!

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