Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A Writing Idea: New Comparisons

Examine a few common similes such as "as proud as a peacock" or "as good as gold".
Firstly try to get the children to create alternatives to these conventional similes.
Afterwards suggest a few advectives and ask them to come up with new comparisons/similes
Here are a few to start you off

Conventional Similes
- as proud as a peacock
- as good as gold
- as warm as toast
- as white a snow
- as heavy as lead
- as drunk as a lord
- as quick as lightning
- as cold as ice
- as sweet as honey
- as light as a feather
- as mad as a hatter

Adjectives on which to base new similes

happy    long    short    beautiful    clean    clever    small    rich    tall    clever    strong    poor
wise    lazy    free    colourful    fresh    ugly    smooth    powerful    innocent   
juicy    delicious    brilliant    sly    rotten    mad    boring    peaceful    shy    furious

Create sentences that include your new similes.

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