Monday, November 1, 2010

HISTORY The Origins of Everyday Things

Take a look around your house and you will see that it is a kind of museum. In every room, on every surface, are the exhibits, everyday things that are taken for granted, but each of which has its own story. Engage senior pupils by doing a research project on objects such as the microwave oven, the iron or the umbrella. Broad historical themes will emerge as part of the children's research. Many everyday objects have surprisingly long histories, dating back to the dawn of civilisation, their development often follows a pattern; invented by the ancient Egyptians or Babylonians, perfected by the Greeks or Romans, lost in the dark ages, rediscovered during the middle ages, mechanised and electrified by the Victorians and mass produced in the 20th century. Choose objects to research from
- the kitchen: washing machine, fridge, food mixer, tea bags, sliced bread etc
- the bathroom: toilet, toothpaste, soap, hairdryer, lipstick, etc
- the bedroom: futon, eyeglasses, alarm clock, dentures, buttons, etc
- the study: lightbulb, pencils, biro, paperclip, etc
- the general household: matches, vacuum cleaner, television, etc

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